We have been in the holiday light business since 2006 and officially as Holiday Light Rescue since 2014.

Rest assured, your lights are completely covered by our forever warranty. If you should have an issue, please contact us, we are here to make everything as perfect as possible.

We offer the best warranty in town, Forever. Should any issue arise with your lights, we are happy to correct it free of charge.

The biggest aspect that distinguishes us from other companies is that we are a true dedicated holiday light company. We focus on one thing, providing the very best service and experience at competitive and affordable rates. We will never try to cross sell you on other services that we offer, because all we do is lights.

Yes, we carry liability insurance. We are also registered with the state of Nebraska.

We are happy to rework and rewire your lights for your new home. Our lights are designed to last a lifetime, including the ability to change them to a different layout. If you are moving out of the Metro, we are happy to deliver your lights to you at your convenience.

Not a problem, the lights are custom made and designed for your house. We offer the ability to change colors or layouts whenever you want. There is no need to feel like you are “stuck” with a certain design, layout or color scheme.

We do offer discounts for senior citizens, military, law enforcement, first responders and others. Please ask your design representative during your consultation

The short answer is the earlier the better. We offer the best discounts early in the season, September and October. It is never too early to call us to start talking lights. It is usually only ever “too late” when we get it to weather issues that prevent us from installing.